I look a woman up and down and say, “Hey, how you doin’?”


I enjoy the simpler things in life, like sitting down with a good long gay fanfic.

 If we’re going to be nice to each other then I will need that glass of champagne.

make me choose - anonymous asked:
scott mccall or derek hale

Now, I’m only picking up bits and pieces here, of course. Overprotective mother, forbidden road trip. I mean, this is serious stuff. But let me ease your conscience. This is part of growing up. A little rebellion, a little adventure, that’s good. Healthy, even.

Actor. Writer. Poet. Dancer. Rock and Roll Jesus. (sometimes I play this chick Spencer Hastings on this show Pretty Little Liars). But only sometimes.

I can take care of myself.

“I love watching movies, I love reading books, I like to constantly be inspired by characters and people.”

As an actress I take roles I find interesting.

I’m prepared to do my work and to do my best job. Then, I can handle anything else.

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